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Have you ever been a victim of Binary option, Cryptocurrency scam or even Catfish scam?



Charge it backs has a team that gathers intelligence that deals with tracking down of underground information about unregulated binary option and cryptocurrency companies.


We examine and inspect your claim and strategize solely on the most efficient way of recovering your funds, using our in-house resources or bring into play our network of international attorneys.


We brace and assist you throughout the entire phase until your money is successfully recovered. We have an allocated and assigned team of client relation supervisors assisting you throughout the phases.

What we will do for you

We know that investments are the best way of saving money while making money, but not only should we invest wisely. We must watch out for those cryptocurrency website that steal your coins and show you fake digital values. We can help you differ the real from the fakes and as well refer you to several real websites and guess what? You do not have to beg them for your money anymore, we would get them for you. We are in the 21st century, nothing is untraceable,. They can be nearly untraceable but with little leads, we plot step by step and get back what is yours.

Quick Processing

We process our clients' cases with efficiency, care and attention to details.

Why Let Scammers Get Away

Mastercard and Visa give consumers the right to dispute charges. If you know how to use your rights, you can get your money back!

Banks Make Mistakes, Too

If you present your case incorrectly, your bank will reject you. We instruct you according to Mastercard and Visa dispute policies and chargeback rules and procedures.

Merchants Will Defend Themselves

Fortunately for you, we already know what they will say. Our strategy is always one step ahead of theirs.

people talk

Hold on, We’re not trying to sell our services to you. Instead, here are some clients that will do the hard work for us.

"I met this company online that claimed they would help me get a federal grant, they said i should pay $20,000 to get my $2 million dollars worth of grant, without hesitation, i made the payment and that was the last i heard from them. I got in touch with chargeitbacks and they got every penny back, i honestly can not thank them enough. They are the best.
Justyne caruana
HR Manager
"I invested in optionbit hoping to let my money work for me, at least that's what i thought when i invested $60,000 waiting to get the double after 3 months. i had the doubled values online, but i could not access my money, i contacted the support that i did not want the full value, i just want my initial amount back, they pushed me around for a while before fortunately getting in touch with chargeitbacks that got my money back and made sure the website got shut down."
Jonas Gerber
Marketing Manager
"I invested all my coins in a website called STOCKPAIR and they gave me a massive increase in the first week which made me buy more coins. i ended up buying coins worth over seventy thousand US dollars, they increased my coins by 200% which made me have extra one hundred and fourty US dollars worth of coin. When my initial coins are added it summed up to Two hundred and ten thousand Us dollars worth of coins but when i decided to pay it into my Bank account, it started acting up, little did i know that i've been duped. I contacted the support, all to no avail, before i stumbled upon this website on the internet. They Recovered my coins and the interest from their database. Its a big thumbs up for them."
David Jonas
PR Manager
"I met a man on the internet who claimed to love me, yes i was duped in what they call a 'romance scam', well he started off with sweet talks about how he wants us to spenf the rest of our lives together, that was all i wanted at the time, i did not know i was slowly walking into a trap, we were together for 3 months, on the internet of course when he told me that her mom had to go on a surgery and that she did not have insurance, out of the love i had or thought i had for him, i did not think twice before sending the first $20,000. A week later he told me they needed more money as she had complications, i sent $50,000, it was not up to 4 days that he asked me for money again, i then asked for the address of the hospital as i would love to come visiting. He started shrugging off that idea of coming over but kept asking for money, so i told him that if he does not want me to come over, i wont be sending anymore money. To my greatest surprise, he blocked me and i could not reach him anywhere. i was heart broken and duped at the same time. It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that he was a scammer. Anyways, i had the receipt and the account details that the wire was sent out to, and i sent all information needed to charge it backs and they recovered most of my money in less than a week."
Shalane Drurry
Branch Manager

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